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Mindfulness – is daily meditation an essential life-skill for our pupils? 

The ‘Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group’ that met six years ago, in October 2015 released their report, following their consultation with numerous experts in their field. The ‘Mindful Nation UK’ report became the first policy document of its kind... 

RSHE to be statutory in schools!


We are delighted with the DfE announcement to make Relationships & Sex Education and Health Education statutory in all schools. We believe that young people have a human right to understand the world around them, to know how to keep themselves safe and to know what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. We see this as making most of PSHE a statutory component of the curriculum.


Parents are of course a key source of information but very often they are keen for schools to support them in educating their children in accordance with the PSHE Programme of Study.


It should be noted, however, that PSHE and Citizenship Education/RSE & Health Education will only be truly successful if included on the curriculum with discrete provision on the timetable, delivered by well-trained, competent teachers. We owe it to our children to put this in place in all schools! 

The Power of Optimism


The work of Martin Seligman and the positive psychology movement has been hugely influential in shaping the creation of the school improvement training resource endorsed by the founder, Jayne Wright. The website 'Flourishing Schools' owes much to the book by Martin Seligman, 'Flourish.'

Teachers Embracing Mindfulness


Eight weeks of daily mindfulness practice is the first step on the journey that involves waking up from autopilot. Teachers that practice mindfulness are able to authentically deliver meditation sessions and training to pupils in the classroom.

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