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Our Staff

Jayne Wright

Jayne Wright has worked extensively as an English and Psychology teacher and educationalist in the field of wellbeing, literacy, mental health, PSHCE, Behaviour for Learning and Psychology. She has spent the last four years working as the Wellbeing Adviser for Herts for Learning (HfL). She currently works as a tutor and an Independent Education Consultant, founding 'Flourishing Schools' in 2017. She is very excited to be providing small group tuition for literacy improvements, 11 Plus familiarity and practice and Mindfulness on Saturday mornings at the Flourishing Futures Education Centre that is taking place in Haddenham and Weston Turville Golf Course, near Aylesbury in Bucks.


Since Jayne last worked in an advisory role in Herts in 2003 she has had a varied, educational career. She has held PSHCE & Healthy Schools Advisory positions in Thurrock, Luton and Buckinghamshire. She has been a Regional Adviser for the Eastern Region, supporting PSHE advisers to run the National PSHE CPD programme in their locality. She was also a National Assessor on this programme evaluating the portfolios of evidence submitted by teachers and school nurses in order to achieve the National PSHE CPD Programme standards.

She then went on to be a Regional Adviser for QCDA/PSHE Association and DfE and has worked for a range of organisations and charities such as Creative Education, pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group), FENC and ‘L8r’. She has also served on the PSHE Association Advisory Council as an elected member.  


She returned to teaching after an initial 10 year spell as an education adviser, achieving successful inspection outcomes, overseeing 'Wellbeing' and teaching in the highly successful Wycombe Abbey Independent school. She believes that 'walking the talk' is very important. Whilst she misses the everyday classroom teaching, she now enjoys working with a wide range of audiences including both adult and pupils, in a wide range of schools and settings. She values her contact with children and young people and is proud of the positive benefits that her Flourishing Futures tuition centre and after school 'Chilled Children' courses are providing for children and young people in Bucks.

Her interest in mindfulness and the power of positive psychology encouraged her to develop the 'Flourishing Mindfully in Schools' training course. This has been commissioned several times by Herts CC and is benefiting well over one hundred schools in Hertfordshire and beyond. She uses these research principles to inform tuition and to help improve the mental health and wellbeing for the children and young people that she works with, whilst also providing inspiring, engaging 11 plus and literacy tuition too. Jayne believes that small group tutoring provides a more relaxed, safe learning environment from which the demands of 11 plus practice papers can be tackled effectively. She takes on every child for tutoring that requests support, believing that every child should be provided with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the style of 11+ papers. She strives to support children to fulfill their potential, to learn to think more quickly and critically, which will ultimately prepare them for the their future at whatever secondary school they go to.


Jayne draws on a long 27 year career of motivating and engaging children and young people of all ages to learn effectively, confidently and to produce outstanding academic  outcomes, efficiently and calmly, when needed. Integrated into the tuition's academic focus, she aims to use brain based learning research to fine tune skills that inspire a readiness for learning, the holding of a growth mindset, mental agility, speed and accuracy. It is all about motivation, relationships, trust and practice. Her belief is that hard work can and should be engaging and fun in education...Underpinning the approach Jayne adopts, is the firmly held belief that every child needs to be provided with the skills, knowledge, experience and understanding to flourish in life. She works in partnership with parents to make this a reality.

Jayne has organised and spoken at several high profile conferences promoting this educational ethos. She has carried out hundreds of school verification visits for awards (Wellbeing Quality Mark, Inclusion Quality Mark, Healthy Schools, Wellbeing Award for Schools, SMSC Quality Mark), delivered hundreds of training courses and visited many different types of schools, in various parts of the country. She delivers specialist training, advice, lesson observation feedback, policy guidance, providing invaluable guidance and support to all school staff and Senior Leadership Teams, Headteachers and governing bodies.


She qualified as an Ofsted Inspector in 2003 and completed her MA in Education some years previously. She is also a very proud mother of two wonderful children who are now both at secondary school and is happily married to a special school Director. Yes they have two teacher parents, poor things!


She therefore brings huge experience to her work and recognises the importance of high quality education from many different perspectives!

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