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RSHE and PSHE School Scheme of Work

 Flourishing Lives

A PSHE / RSHE Scheme of Work

With September 2020 RSHE Statutory Status, PSHE Flourishing Lives is your complete PSHE solution. Covering all the statutory RSHE requirements, this teaching resource for primary schools (initially) is loved by pupils and teachers alike. Covering all the topics that a thorough PSHE curriculum should include, Flourishing Lives goes a step further. It is an extremely cost effective, user friendly, engaging resource that you simply cannot afford to miss!  


Magical Mindful Meditations in every session

With mental health and wellbeing recognised by the DfE as the most important and pressing issue affecting children and young people's lives right now. Schools need to show how they support this post-lock-down. Throughout both the 'Restore and Recover Wellbeing' Curriculum and the full PSHE Flourishing Lives resource, there are numerous lessons on mental health and wellbeing including engaging, recorded mindfulness meditations for use in every lesson.  

Read more about the benefits of mindfulness here:

Embedded Assessment Opportunities

The new inspection framework challenges schools to demonstrate the intention of their learning plans, and the impact on the learner. The implementation of RSHE offers full covered with engaging slides and challenging learning activities, with assessment fully embedded. The half termly self and teacher assessed 'Assessment Ladders' allows schools the opportunity to track attainment and progress, but most importantly to proivde feedback for pupils. 

See the DfE RSHE Statutory Status document on P.43 outlines assessment requirements followed by Flourishing Lives see here:

Values and an Emotional Literacy focus

RSHE coverage is vital but we believe that pupils also need the opportunity to understand their emotions and to develop the values that they live by, for the rest of their lives. In order that they are able to emotionally regulate, lessons on positive psychology and identifying emotions are fully covered. We believe that emotional literacy should be integral to lessons. Flourishing Lives encourages this approach and uses the latest thinking in positive psychology and the language of growth mindsets to support these learning outcomes.

Read more about the ethos and values underpinning the learning in  Flourishing LIves in our first newsletter which is packed full of useful links and latest news.

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