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***Flourishing Lives***



Positive Psychology

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Beach Meditation
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'Flourishing Mindfully for Life'

***Exciting news...we are bringing an Introduction to 'Flourishing Mindfully for Life' to Thame!***


Perhaps you would be attending as a local parent fresh from the hectic school drop off or as a business executive about to embark on a frantically busy day or you are simply curious and keen to reap the calming benefits of mindfulness and learn more about positive psychology too? All are welcome!

Girl Relaxing

5 Session Course:

'Flourishing Mindfully for Life'

Indulge yourself on a journey of self discovery with this full 5 session course introducing you to mindfulness, meditation and the core elements of positive psychology.


New to Thame, this course aims to bring you out of autopilot so you wake up and smell the spring flowers. Spring, the perfect time to learn new habits.

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