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Wellbeing at Windsor - Improving School Wellbeing

Venue: Windsor Castle

Date: 5th November 2019

Time: 9.30am - 3.30pm

Audience: School staff (primary/secondary)

Cost: £129.95


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This 'Wellbeing at Windsor - Improving School Wellbeing' course is set within the walls of Windsor Castle. It is packed full of practical ideas that encourage school staff to support their pupils to flourish mindfully in in their school, whilst looking after school staff wellbeing too. It is a one day training course at Windsor Castle offering an introduction to mindfulness, providing opportunities in the wonderful surrounds of Windsor Castle to practice mindful walking and mindfulness meditations too as you explore the wonderful spaces at the castle – blissful!

Staff are encouraged to start and adopt daily personal mindfulness practice and to engage in a series of positive psychology challenges to support their learning. Once staff have experienced the benefits of mindfulness for themselves, they can then use the course material and workbooks provided to run workshops back at school for their pupils.

This day starts the journey for staff tackling the difficult issue of creating a positive mental health and wellbeing back at school, offering practical solution based, resilience building ideas for staff that will support their pupils too. 

Mental ill health issues are significantly impacting upon pupil wellbeing. With challenging pastoral issues increasing and CAMHS struggling to keep up with demand, this course aims to provide techniques to reduce this burden and support staff with their emotional wellbeing too.

This workshop aims to tackle these issues, to reduce the stigma and to help deliver positive mental health in the curriculum encouraging approaches within PSHCE and as part of a whole school approach covering:An introduction to mindfulness meditations for staff in the beautiful surrounds of Windsor Castle including understanding and using metacognition effectively (with a workbook and practical ideas to take away for pupils);

  • An insight into the research into Carol Dweck's 'Growth Mindsets' and practical ideas to use this language effectively as a motivator in pupils’ learning journey

  • Exploring the power of motivation and use of P4C (Philosophy for Children) in engaging pupils to flourish

  • The power of using an optimist approach (the work of Martin Seligman) in schools and the Positive Psychology movement in creating the right environment for powerful, in-depth learning to take place and;

  • The use of 'coaching conversations' as a whole school approach to deepen relationships between staff and with pupils.


The aim is to create a safe learning environment and to consider whole school approaches that foster a more positive learning environment enabling pastoral issues to be reduced and effectively managed. This course is suitable for all teachers or school staff in both primary and secondary schools.

Photo: Copyright - Royal Collection Trust

Windsor Castle image.jpg
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