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Coaching and Workshop Sessions: 

to support

emotional health, wellbeing

and to learn mindfulness

'Helping Children, Young People and their Parents to Flourish'

In these sessions young people (or parents) are encouraged to learn strategies to deal with lives ups and downs.


We focus on identifying how people are feeling, supporting was to label their emotions and working to develop  resilience, providing an insight into ways to enjoy life more, manage competing priorities, thinking about vision, purpose and introducing them to the concepts of mindfulness.


We are surrounded with nourishing activities and enriching opportunities but sometimes life can rush by and children and young people can feel a bit lost , anxious and sometimes more miserable than we want them to be in their lives. Sometimes there aren't any issues at all, just a healthy curiosity to learn more about these things and to live life more mindfully. Identifying motivation and what the client wants from these sessions is a crucial first step. 


I take time to help pupils to make use of the opportunities that actually exist  around us all, for instance to use music to self-soothe, to learn how to make positive use of relaxation techniques, enriching one's thinking with life quotes, completing or admiring artwork, mindfully colouring in, completing journals, noticing emotions, making conscious thinking choices, understanding the psychology and physiology of stress, using vision boards, learning to use positive psychology research findings to inform approaches to life (parenting and work for the adults) Focusing in a bespoke way with the person's needs at the heart of everything helping them to find their motivation and to ultimately supporting them to flourish.

Please understand that this is NOT professional counselling but simply  support, a reset button for some, or an informative pathway to a different approach to living your life. The work with children simply helps them to make the most of their life. 

Hopefully this gives you a flavour of the approach I use. If this sounds useful to you or to your child, then please do get in touch:

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