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Home Learning during Covid-19

Parents have been managing pupils' home learning with varying degrees of success. What wellbeing/PSHE tasks can be sent home? The slides below and the podcast explore this issue and more

Many schools have sent home links to mental health and wellbeing supportive websites and have contacted those pupils who are vulnerable.

Many more are now vulnerable and inequalities will be wider after lock-down. 

Wellbeing for Pupils and Staff upon return to school

Wellbeing really matters...if there is one silver lining to the COVID-19 cloud, it is that it has become sharply into focus that it is our mental and physical wellbeing that are absolutely critical, over and above everything else.


Schools will need to look after staff wellbeing and ensure that the new statutory expectations around RSHE are ready to go for pupils benefit in September 2020.

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Importance of a Wellbeing RSHE curriculum to pupils returning post Covid19 lockdown 

A planned, spiral RSHE curriculum will be absolutely required upon return post summer and post pandemic. The slides below talk about a return to a different educational backdrop, one where social and emotional learning, and a different way of functioning in schools will need to happen, and with great speed.


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Mental Health

Mental Health

Using mindfulness and positive psychology




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