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Online Coaching

(For Parents)

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Coaching for Parents:

Flourishing Schools is proud to extend its offer of motivational, solution focused coaching for busy parents perhaps attempting to successfully home-school their pupils. Work to develop your unique parenting style to build and steer your family with clarity of purpose and loving compassion. Help your child to flourish.


Be the change in your world that you want to be. Build a growth mindset and find your inner strength, nurturing your self confidence and discovering the power of personal growth. Use mindfulness to embrace the moment more and wake up from autopilot. Unlock the power of an optimistic approach and watch success unfold.




You may be looking for a four, eight or twelve week coaching appointment to grow your  parenting skills or help to reduce your ability to procrastinate.


You may want to engage in a one to one, six session mindfulness and positive psychology workshop. Harness the ability to be more in the moment and learn the power of meditation.


You can select from either a half hour slot or the full hour, either face to face or on the telephone. (NB. Minimum session length is 4 weeks. Course is fully refundable but only at the end of the first session. A 48 hours cancellation policy applies. After this time full price is payable.)

Young Businesswomen
Book your coaching here by suggesting some convenient dates/times on a Monday or Friday 
either Face to Face or Telephone appointment:
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