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Chilled Children / Flourishing Teens

After School (or lunchtime) Course

Course Overview

Childhood is where the building blocks for future happiness and wellbeing are established.


This after school exciting course will ...

  • help children & young people to improve focus and concentration,

  • develop the skills required to self-soothe and emotionally self-regulate so in times of difficulty pupils will have strategies to help to provide calm

  • support children & young people to explore, understand and label emotions and to understand how feelings can drive actions, but that there is always a choice in response

  • help children & young people to understand the power of developing an optimistic approach to life, to notice the world around them, through their senses

  • encourage and cultivate mindfulness through meditation practices and by helping children & young people to think about their thinking patterns (metacognition)

If this is something that you feel your child or teenager or school would benefit from, then please get in touch: 


Click on the button for course terms and conditions and for further info on the sessions delivered at Haddenham Junior and Pipers Corner.




Click on the slideshow below for further information:

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