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Flourishing Schools

Wellbeing Training and Consultancy

Flourishing Schools is the culmination of 30 years of experience of working in education. 'Flourishing Schools' believe that schools can be assisted to increase the resilience of young people and improve the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Jayne Wright of 'Flourishing Schools' believes that schools are well placed to address the health inequalities that exist in our country. She says, "With mental health issues becoming far too commonplace in our classrooms we need to look at evidence based research to provide us with strategies. We are seeing retention problems with staff, pupils anxious, stressed and unhappy and our CAMHS services stretched to breaking point. We need to work towards creating a curriculum that supports the emotional intelligence of our future generation." 

Jayne has been working for the past 30 years in education, the last 17 specialising in the field of Healthy Schools, (PSHCE) Personal, Social, Health and Economic Citizenship Education, English, Psychology and Mindfulness. She achieved an MA in Education and later qualified as an Ofsted Inspector in 2003. She feels it is important for schools to use the most up-to-date and evidence based approaches to classroom practice, utilising findings to direct all her training and support.
She has been instrumental in shaping national PSHE developments as a Regional Adviser for PSHE education. She has worked with several local authorities and served as an elected member of the PSHE Association Advisory Council. She has taught PSHCE in both phases and most recently held a post as Head of Wellbeing achieving successful inspection outcomes in a large, highly successful school. 
Alongside 'Flourishing Schools' tutoring and advisory work, Jayne ran successful contracts for Hertfordshire County Council, Herts for Learning and Jigsaw PSHE. She is passionate about education and what mindfulness offers pupils and staff. She advocates for the importance of PSHCE education within the context of a fully 'Healthy School' environment and works tirelessly with schools to achieve this end.
She is also a mother of two, firmly believing that schools should focus on educating the 'whole child' as their core purpose. "Children and young people deserve nothing less than the best start in life. I work every day to support schools to do their very best by their pupils. Schools are extremely busy places and teachers are under increasing pressure to achieve academic success. It is however my firm belief that we should not forget that in this fast-paced backdrop, with an increasingly packed school curriculum , the importance of helping pupils to develop as rounded, grounded, curious individuals who understand the world around them now and are equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding to make healthy lifestyle choices and achieve their potential, with the tools they need to manage stress and pressure. This has never been more crucial!"
Find out  how 'Flourishing Schools' can help you, your child, your school or your own educational practice.


“I have found these workshops inspiring on a personal and professional level!”

Teaching Assistant

"This is just what we wanted to focus on as a school. Thank you for supporting our journey."


"Very enjoyable, informative and relevant to the needs of the school in identifying next steps. Thank you!"                          Deputy Head

Mindfulness  Ted Talk
Andy Puddicombe
Growth Mindsets
Carol Dweck
Ted Talk by  Marin Seligman
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